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5 Common Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Are you troubling with losing weight? Are you dieting but still you can’t lose weight? But the question is why you are not losing weight? It can happen because you are doing something wrong. Like numerous people, you might consider eating less would help. Though, it does not. It ends up killing your energy and your weight stops exactly where it was.
Ultimately, most people become highly demotivated and agree to give up. If you fail to lose weight, you might as well eat whatever you need, right?
Otherwise, you could try to find out why this is happening, so you can address the reason and go ahead to reaching your goal.

1.You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep:


Not sleeping for at least 7 hours can be a common reason why you are not losing weight. Your brain is continuously working, and it requires rearranging the body functions. In addition if you are working out, your muscles are feeling wear and tear. They get restored when you are in relaxed and sleep. If you are not sleeping enough, it can lead to muscle weakness, and also can lead hormonal imbalance, and you can weight gain. Try to take your dinner at 8:00 pm and going to sleep at 10-11 pm. This will help to give you a proper sleep overnight.

2.You Skip A Meal To Lose Weight:

Skipping a meal to lose weight never works. When you avoid a meal, your brain slows down. This can also reduce your metabolism and digestion. Additionally, you will eat extra food during the next meal because you will be hungry and feel it’s alright to eat extra as you have avoided a meal. The body, though, stocks the extra nutrition in the form of fat. Eat each 3-4 hours, manage your portion size, and obviously not avoid breakfast.

3.Not Drinking Sufficient Water:


Water founds nearly 60 percent of your body and act as a vital role to lose your weight. Water absorbs body fat into energy. Drinking enough amount of water before mealtimes successfully destroys the hunger and reduces calorie intake.
Many study shows that if anyone takes half liter of water before 25-30 minutes of breakfast, lunch, dinner time it can help to lose his weight very effectively.
So if you don’t drink enough water it can be a great reason of why you can’t lose weight.

4.Doing Wrong Type of Exercise:

If you are doing lot of exercise and spending more time in gym but you don’t get any positive result then probably you are doing the wrong type of exercise. You have to do correct exercise for weight loss, if you are doing exercise which is healthy for your heart but it can’t work for weight loss. You should select exactly this kind of exercise which can help to lose your weight. Additionally you have to maintain a fixed time for your exercise. Normally morning time is the best time for exercise and you should keep it regularly.

5.Take Your Meal After A Long Time:


This is another reason you can’t lose weight that you take your meal after a long time. Because when you take your meal after 5-6 hours, increase your appetite and you take much food then your limit. Your body consumes more food at a time and your body store much fat then burn. If you want to lose weight you should take some food with short time interval. You can take small amount of food after 3-4 hours; it can help to lose your weight fast.   
These all are very common problem in your weight loss journey. You are struggling for losing weight but you can’t lose weight; think about it why you don’t lose weight, these are the very common reason why you don’t lose weight. You should solve this problem to lose your extra weight.     

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