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Best Detox Water For Lose Belly Fat

Recently I am very impressed with one of very amazing water which is called Detox water. I take this drink for lose my extra belly fat and believe me it was very effective for me, I lose my extra belly fat within few days, in that time I feel, it also help to solve my gas and bloating problem. In modern time detox water play an important rule to lose weight fast. It is one kind of water which helps to detoxify our body.

Now I share the amazing detox water recipe to all which was very beneficial for me and you can also try this detox water to lose your extra weight.


1.  1 liter water.
2. One large size lemon.
3. A full medium size cucumber.
4. 1 table spoon chopped ginger.
5. 1 spring mint.

Making process:

1. At first you take a 2 liter jar with 1 with one liter water
2. Sliced the lemon and cucumber into thin pieces.
3. Add lemon slice, cucumber slice, and chopped ginger.
4. Finally add mint in the water.
5. Keep the water in freezer for 24 hours.
6. Then the detox water is ready to drink.

You can drink this detox water 2-3 times in a day. You can also drink this water instead of water. If you take this drink regularly obviously you get a positive result with in few days. Here uses the ingredients lemon, cucumber, ginger all are helps to increase your metabolism and this drink is also reduce your extra belly fat. This drink is very refreshing and if you makes it as a habit to take this drink regularly and it will be very healthy for you.

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