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Make A Easy Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe to Lose Your Extra Weight

I want to lose my extra weight and always try to eat healthy food which helps to lose  my extra weight . Everyday I think what can i eat today? which is something different and should be testy also. Yesterday I made a very testy recipe which is going to share with you all. I prepared a chicken salad which is very yummy and testy, and I complete my lunch with hundred percent satisfaction.

Chicken Salad:


1. Chicken Brest 1 piece.
2. Olive oil 2 teaspoon.
3. Chili flex 1 teaspoon.
4. ¼ cup chopped cucumber.
5. ¼ cup chopped tomato.
6. ¼ cup chopped carrot.
7. ¼ cup roughly chopped latus.
8. 2 teaspoon chopped onion.
9. 1 tablespoon sour yogurt.
10. 2-3 teaspoon mayonnaise.
11. 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
12. Salt to taste.

How to make:

1. Mix chili flex and salt with Chicken Brest and then put 1 teaspoon of olive oil in fry pan and cooked  it for 8-10 minutes.
2. Slice the Chicken Brest into small pieces.
3. Take a bowl and mix well with yogurt, mayonnaise, salt, 1 tea spoon olive oil and lemon juice and make a salad dressing.
4. Mix cucumber, tomato, latus, carrot and onion with the salad dressing .
5. Then the chicken salad is ready to serve.

This chicken salad is very healthy for everyone and this meal is full of protein, vitamin and mineral. Anyone can only take this salad for lunch or dinner. It also helps to lose weight and on the other side it’s fulfill your stomach. This is the yummy and testy salad which you can make easily.

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