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Remove Dark Circles under Your Eyes with Simple and Easy Way

Sometimes you feel very depressed for dark circles under your eyes but you don’t find any solution to remove your dark circle.  It is very common problem for men and women both. Dark circle can cause for lack of vitamin K and vitamin B12.

Dark circle is not a big problem for your skin but it can damage your beauty and you look more tired, you can solve this type of skin problem with very simple way. There are many reasons to having dark circle under your eyes and that’s including lack of sleep, absence of healthy diet, spend long time with showing TV or laptop or reading book for long time.
You can protect dark circle under your eyes by taking some steps like:

Firstly confirm that you should sleep at least seven hours in everyday

Secondly try to take healthy food which are the great source of iron and calcium, take fresh fruit and vegetable instead of fast food and also take a lot of water.

Thirdly give your eyes rest from nonstop TV or laptop showing, resting your eyes at least five minutes for every hour.

If you are trouble to remove dark circle under your eyes then you can apply some simple home remedy to remove the dark circle of your eyes. Today we are taking about some simple home remedy which can help you to remove your dark circle.  

Potato slice:


This is the most easy and simple way to remove your dark circle. If you don’t have enough time to care your skin then you can apply this process with in a short time to remove your dark circle. At first take a potato and wash it clearly and you don’t remove the skin of the potato because it is full of iron and calcium which is needed for your eyes.Then slice into two pieces of potato with half inch sizes and then close your eyes and apply it in your eyes. Keep it for fifteen minutes.
To get a better result you should apply it at least for ten days, it help to remove your dark circle very effectively.                 

Cucumber and potato Juice:

You can also apply a very effective formula to remove your dark circle. It also works better. In this process you need four ingredients such as potato, cucumber, honey and aloevera. Take ¼ of cucumber and ¼ of potato and chopped them roughly. Now just squeeze the chopped potato and cucumber and make a juice. Then mix with it one tea spoon of honey and one tea spoon of aloevera gel and mix them well. Keep the mixture in fridge for fifteen minutes. Before applying this mixture wash around your eyes with rose water and then apply this mixture smoothly under your eyes. Keep it for 15-20 minutes then wash it smoothly. You should repeat this process for at least 5-7 days to remove the dark circle under your eyes.
You can also apply this mixture whole over your face. Because here all ingredients used that are improve your skin condition and brightening your skin. Cucumber hydrate and smooth skin, potato helps to remove the dark spot of skin, honey act as an antioxidant which improves the blood circulation of skin, and aloevera gel is also act as a great element for skin care.            

Oil mixture:

If you are very busy with your work and don’t enough time to spend in caring your skin, then it can be a great solution for you. It is the supper simple and easy way to remove your dark circle.
In this procedure you just mix-up 1 teaspoon pure coconut oil and 1 teaspoon castor oil. Apply it around all over your eyes before your sleep and leave it overnight.
Continue the process for 10- 15 days to get a positive result.

These all three ways are very effective to remove your dark circle. If you are worried with dark circle under your eyes then you can select any of them and apply it with the proper way, it can help to solve your problem very positively.                  

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